Shipping Information

General Points

We will post your goods as soon as we can. Assuming the goods are in stock, this will usually mean the same day or within 24 hours. If we think there’s going to be a delay of more than 3 days for any reason, we will let you know, unless we’ve already put a message on the website warning of delays.

All parcels will be sent by Royal Mail.

Please email us if you are unsure in any way about our shipping arrangements or charges.

UK Only

Postage and packing on orders to most UK addresses will be charged at a rate of £3.30 on orders up to £25, and free thereafter.


Postage and packing on orders outside of the UK but within Europe will be charged at a flat rate of £4.50.

We use the Royal Mail definition of Europe

Rest of the world

Please email us BEFORE ordering to see if we can ship you or not.